Saturday, March 25, 2017

Physiotherapy is a good option for Low Back Pain.

Low Back ache is a common and serious problem, ranked as the highest contributor to disability in the
Around five million people in Americans suffer from low back pain and the total expense of back pain treatments exceeds more than one billion a year.

Some interesting Facts about back pain:

This is one of the leading cause of disability globally. 

Back pain affects more than six hundred million people in world.

The average expense of treatment of back pain exceeds more than one billion a year in Australia.

Recent studies show that smoking increases the risk for back pain because nicotine decreases our circulation and blood flow. 

Do you want to prevent your back pain?

                     The people those who have back ache, try to do the following back stretching and strengthening exercises.Morning and night is a good time to do the back exercises often enough for them to be beneficial.These series of exercises helps to move back the bulging disc to the original position which will cease the pain and allow the spinal movement.


 Some recent research done in several countries shows that who suffer from  back pain have 14 percent increased risk of dying from any cause.

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