Saturday, June 10, 2017

What is De Quervains Syndrome? How to treat it?

What is De Quervains Syndrome?

                          De Quervains is a painful condition that affects the tendons of thumb and it will make discomfort when you turn the wrist or making a fist.


                   The etiology is idiopathic and mostly is seen in mothers of infants but some studies shows that it is caused by work activities.


                    The most common symptom is pain in the back side of the thumb tendons.Swelling in  the same area of the thumb and it will be very hard to grasp or pinching things.


                      Finkelstein test will help to rule out the dequevains disease,

 while doing this test you make a fist with the affected hand and move wrist to the side of little finger, in this movement if you feel pain you likely have De Quervains.

Physiotherapy Treatment:

There are various forms of physical therapy for the treatment of Dequervains. Mostly in the acute stage the ice packs are using to cease the edema and pain.Ultrasound is using to get a relief from local inflammation by means of iontophoresis and phonophoresis.
In the acute stage they provide splints for the support of hand and give advice in activities.

In the case of chronic Dequervains thermal modalities and massage can be given.The laser treatment also gives a good result from the pain and swelling. If the pain and swelling subsides the stretching and strengthening exercises can be started.

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